What is glossophobia? Well put simply it’s the fear of public speaking or speaking in general. More specifically it comes from the Greek – glossa meaning tongue and phobos meaning fear or dread. Twinned with social anxiety, it can cause problems for those affected both inside and outside their business lives. It’s reported that 75% of the population experience anxiety around public speaking, so if you’re one of those you’re not alone. However other surveys put fear of snakes in the same boat......

Dawn Gregory Speaking
Dawn Gregory Speaking

Stress-free speaking

So if you’ve been asked to give a presentation even if you feel excited, confident, inspired, and can’t wait to get going, you’re likely to feel a little nervous.....

Tweet, Write, Or Speak?

At the moment I find myself overwhelmed by choices, but communicate I must. However, when I tried to break down how I could best “speak” to my customers, it seemed to me that regardless of how I communicate, there are some key themes that I need to follow to get my message across. Maybe these will help you too......

Dawn Gregory Speaking

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