Personal Confidence Coaching in Basingstoke and Surrounding Areas

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Confidence is the ability to be truly yourself in any given situation. It’s that sense that all will be well what ever happens. Once you have this, life becomes much easier and much more fun, and coaching can help you to achieve it.

I chose to become a coach for three main reasons: my own coaching journey left me with a beautiful sense of authenticity and inner confidence (something I hadn’t previously had), all my first clients told me they felt more confident having worked with me and, lastly, I truly believe that our lives are the sum total of the thoughts we believe so if I can help you to believe better things about yourself then I know your life will change for the better. I can help you gain confidence so you can present yourself authentically in any business or social setting.

What issues can you help with?

Some of the issues I’ve helped people with include:
  • Goal setting
  • Career confidence
  • Public speaking
  • Phobias
  • Generalised low self-esteem
  • Procrastination

How might my presentation skills improve?

  • You will be able to deliver proposals with confidence and ease - helping people to say "yes" to you.
  • You will look forward to advising and influencing your customers with more conviction.
  • Freedom from the "fear factor" in sales conversations and negotiations.

So, if you need more confidence in giving talks and presentation please feel free to email me. If one-to-one coaching doesn’t sound right for you, you might like to consider attending one of my live events in order to work on your confidence or personal development in a dynamic, immersive, group setting.

A history of happy clients

"Dawn is a fantastic and supportive coach who understands the individual's needs. She creates a training program tailored to maximise your growth. You will feel supported when working with Dawn and this makes training with her a fun and exciting experience." Samantha Pratt DHP Acc.hyp

"I attended one of Dawn's presentation skills workshops recently and can highly recommend it. Her no-nonsense approach and humour made the time fly by and we all felt at ease and more confident as the session went on. I learned some great techniques that I will be putting into play in future presentations." Louise Hall, Accessible and affordable legal support for SMEs

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