Having to present is something we have to do increasingly in work and business, and, is something most people fear.  We have rarely been taught how to present effectively and with impact. Therein lies the problem! My experience in training people to speak and present with clarity and confidence will help you become a powerful and confident speaker.

I will teach you how to use your voice to captivate and engage your audience; how to structure your talk to deliver your powerful message and how to manage the anxiety commonly associated with speaking in public.

Throughout the day, you will work on the practicalities of developing and delivering your presentation.  I will teach you how to build a presentation that you can deliver with clarity and confidence. You will learn by doing and be encouraged to explore how to develop your own personal style of presenting and speaking in a calm and supportive environment.

By the end of the day you will:

  • Have developed your confident physical presence
  • Be aware of how breathing calms nerves
  • Understand how to use the voice to interest, influence and inspire
  • Be able to make a confident, compelling start
  • Be able to use an effective, strong presentation structure
  • Learn how to develop rapport with your audience
  • Have delivered a short presentation and received individual feedback

So if:

  • You're finished with sitting in the audience whilst wishing you were the person speaking from the front of the room.
  • You know you have a VOICE and want to use it to get your message out there!
  • You're passionate about your business and are convinced that A LOT MORE people need to hear about it.
  • You're finally ready to give your business the springboard it needs to really bring you the clients and income you want and deserve.
If this is YOU, then attending this workshop is your natural next step.

"Dawn's workshops are delivered with a cool and calm confidence. Dawn is engaging, informative and humorous , her down to earth approach will make even the most fearful of speakers feel at ease."
- Claire Newman 

"I enjoyed my time at Dawn’s workshop and would recommend to anyone that it is time well spent for your own learning and development going forward in your businesses."
- Ann Hoad 

“Dawn's workshop on Tuesday helped a LOT! I found the structure/planning part really useful, and then going over the 3 minute (well 5 mins) talks with feed-back really useful. I have a presentation tomorrow for 17 people and I am in a strange way looking forward to it which I NEVER thought I would say.”
- Mark Kinnally.

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