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Welcome. Here you'll find a selection of VBlogs about presentation skills, personal development, self-confidence and positive psychology, which I hope find interesting and helpful! Let me know what you think! If you need some impartial, free advice from a top coach, drop me a line or use the form below and I'll personally answer your question. Your personal details will be kept completely anonymous in my replies on the website. Presentation problems, decisions, worries… anything goes.

A video introduction to Dawn Gregory Confidence Coaching.

Confidence is a tricky little thing. It's the difference between thinking everything's possible and nothing's possible. I can help people improve their confidence if it lacking for any reason, and help you to understand why confidence ebbs, and to learn to use tools to bring composure to difficult situations and feel condifent once again.

Dawn Gregory Confidence Coach.

Hints and tips to make presentation panic a thing of the past. In this video, I ask you to watch my presentation and to note down how many deliberate mistakes you think I make. There's quite a few so grab a pen and paper and click play.

Introduction to Five Steps to Powerful Presentations.

I set the scene on my training session 'Five Steps to Powerful Presentations' with a personal story from my childhood when a teacher suggested a rather unconventional method of calming my nerves that wouldn't go down too well today.

More hints and tips from the Five Steps training.

I show you how to adopt the perfect posture for presenting, followed by preparing your breathing for speaking. Finally, and this is the fun bit, relaxing your facial muscles with vocabulary from the world of fruit! It works, believe me. Click on the film to the right to see how.

By the end of my Five Steps to Powerful Presentations...

At the end of what I hope will have been a fun and practical training session you will be able to structure a presentation, get the respect of your audience, learning coping techniques to conquer natural presentation nerves and uncover the true power of your own voice.

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